“The journey is a continuous reinvention of our senses, at the request of our customers”


The heart of the company is our logistics office, which - a bit like Cape Canaveral - has full control of traffic and the entire fleet of the company. Through an innovative system we can accurately monitor journeys, driving and rest hours, breaks, speed and temperature of refrigeration units. The management software allows us to schedule ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, and alerts us to inspection deadlines, policies and ATP.

In this way we guarantee the customer a 100% efficient vehicle thanks to real-time information. We can thus check the unloading, pallet management, returns, non-compliance and the outcome of the journey and deliveries. Thanks to this system we are able to manage and guarantee complete, partial or single pallet journeys, customs operations, export and import. All with a view to management efficiency.


Specialised transport is our DNA. Our fleet is composed of euro 5 tractors, tilt semitrailers for beverage transport, latest-generation rise-and-fall units, multi-temperature refrigerated semitrailers, double loading platform refrigerated semitrailers and 3.5 tonne food transport vehicles. Our Carrier refrigeration units are of the latest generation and are less harmful to the environment. Since travelling in silence without being noticed is a good thing, but doing it ecologically is even better.

“Strange thing this travel, once you start, it's hard to stop”

Travel and deliveries

Travel is the consecration of our existence and without it we would be an identity without a soul. This is a process that started a long time ago, always looking to satisfy the customer's needs, a widespread network on our territory and our travelling personnel. We consider those families who wait at home for their child, their husband or their brother after travelling long distances or even just a few kilometres. Thanks to our experience in Europe and thanks to legislation ratifying respect for driving hours, breaks and rest, our company has been able to reduce fatal accidents to 0%. We have avoided passive and active road accidents, reducing fines every year and reaching a very low percentage. All this happens thanks to hard work and perseverance in respecting our philosophy towards travelling personnel

From the first journey up until today, we can say that we have travelled the world 7900 times and have arrived on the moon.

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